Q1: How many Bundles can I use for a full head?

8"-12" :2bundles,
14"-20" :3bundles,
22"-40" :4bundles or more.

Q2: Is the hair 100% virgin unprocessed?

 A: Yes, the hair is cut from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.

Q3. Why are my extensions getting tangled?

A: Shampoo your extensions. Sweat and dirt cause tangles, so you should wash your hair regularly.
Slowly wet your hair while taking a shower. Use a mild shampoo and lather your hair in a downward motion.

Q4:How do I take care of my extensions?

A:Treat it like your own hair,keeping it clean and brushing it softly.
Do keep this hair away from all sources of excessive heat.

Q5:How to care your extensions:

A: Shampoo the hair once a week.
b. Water to wet hair, use a mild Shampoo, rinse and leave to dry.
c. Comb with a wire brush after dry.
d. You can perming dyeing, but please remember do not do this too frequent,and remember to use the nutrition water.
e. The combs please choose the round with wide-toothed comb.
f. Don't make the hair under the blazing sun for quite a long time.
g. Don't blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier.