Her Story

“Doing Hair and Becoming Your Extension Hair Supplier Was Never a Dream, This Career Choose Me. I Was Not the Girl Doing Hair Since The Age Of 13”



Imagine going to salon and having to wait hours for an install that only take an hour and 30 minutes paying an large amount of money being offered no drinks, no finger foods, or customer appreciation discount for the extensive hours. Being a women with love for hair and beauty! Impatiently, she decided to start installing her own hair, while working in a wear-house and going to school to be a Pharmacist, women began to ask her who was doing her hair..! She never thought in a million years she would be offering any type of services other then writing prescriptions for patients.  She decided to give it a try, with only charging $40 a service from home as a side hustle, it became a bit over-whelming, with little to no knowledge of hair care she decided to enroll into the Empire Beauty School. Leaving the Medical field behind.
While exiting one milestone of her life and leaping into another. Her family & friends became exasperated wondering what’s was going on
“Doing hair is not a career!” they Said .
“You can’t Survive off working in a salon!”
“That industry doesn’t come with benefits nor insurance!”…
But she had a new found love for making women beautiful their reaction once they get out of her chair, all of the love and encouraging words, being told how great she was at doing her job and how they love it!! Everyone wants to be told how excellent they are at whatever is being done, its like being credited EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH or getting a raised because they tipped great!
Being an Empire Beauty school Alumni In March she signed a 2 year least opening up her first private salon offering the Luxury experience, Also providing them with the best Raw Virgin Hair, Which Is where the Brand Began
While being your typical stylist working day by day in her salon offering the ultimate experience she knew there was more to life, with the small city Memphis Tn being slow on on todays era, extension wasn’t as popping as they were in other states. With still knowing little to nothing about the industry or how it work, school only teaches you the basic and they prepare you to go work in some one else commission salon, nothing More nothing less! “Trust Me Because No1 She Graduated With Is Putting Their License To Use” (ENTREPRENEUR QUOTE) “I WILL WIN, MAYBE NOT IMMEDIATELY BUT ABSOLUTELY AND DEFINITELY”… 
With no massive support of friends and family & with no-one to discuss her career with thinking this industry was a joke, she decided she had something to prove! She took a leap out on faith and start offering traveling service to other Cities. With her new found self taught skills & the beauty industry moving as swiftly, a new wave was in occur she became in high demand for the all time exclusive “Glue-Less Lace Frontal”. No One In Memphis was hype to it. With So many inquiring being directly From Atlanta Ga, even with stylist asking her for personal one on one classes. She went for it putting miles on her brand new Mercedes Benz She had just got, traveling 6 hours every weekend from Memphis to Atlanta GA “The New HollyWood”… 
While traveling back & forth to her home town trying to deal with both clientele Memphis and Atlanta both became frustrating, and she had to make life changing decision quick. Being In Atlanta was different it was something i never experienced, were Extension, Makeup, Lash Extensions Mattered every single day, no-one left the house without looking like a model of a magazine. Mind you she was just your typical small city girl that had not traveled as often unless with family and from a city were industrial working was all it was known for, there was absolutely no growth. Her Career took off for itself with her self-taught talent and new marketing skills, she also became more business savvy, due to Atlanta being surrounded with nothing but entrepreneurs . She began making more money in deposits then she was making in 2 weeks being back home. She was about to find a place to call home in Atlanta GA within a months time with all the connects she had came across. Leaving everyone and everything she loved behind for her new found passion in this career path that choose her "The Beauty Industry".
Its been A year an a half she been here in Atlanta Ga. As she continue to make a path way along her journey and daily obstacles life throws, she encourages everyone to never give up on their dream, the waiting can seem painful, but the regret of not going for it will become even more painful.